Computer Networking & Internet Connectivity

Choose the Right Technology.  Consider all of the technologies in the marketplace for data communications. Our experienced staff can help you to get on track with a fast, reliable network infrastructure and utilize proven solutions through service providers available in your neighborhood.

Network Security. It’s a wonderful thing to have access to the world, but would you want the world to have access to your systems as well? We can help you to protect your data and systems with a range of security products suited to your networking needs.

Virtual Private Networking/Mobile Networking. You have your gateway to the Internet. Why not make it your highway to your business world? Many offices have implemented virtual private networks (VPNs) to connect offices to other offices, mobile computers or home computers. Using the Internet and data encryption, you can take advantage of your home broadband or high speed office connection to work from a remote location as if you were in the office.

Operating Systems & Application Support

Operating Systems. Our staff of trained, certified specialists has worked with small offices with just a few people, up to businesses with multiple site. We have experience with most of the workstation and server operating systems in use today and can find the platform to meet your needs.

Application Support. We are well versed in office software support and are ready to assist on a wide range of workstation and server products from Microsoft, Symantec, Quickbooks, Adobe and more.

Service Packs and Security Updates. Our staff is in touch with the latest in software vulnerabilities, code fixes and distribution techniques required to maintain larger networks. With routine visits we can keep your office software safe and up to date so that it is always at peak reliability.